Advantages of adding shimmers to your Tattoos

Black is a very popular colour for airbrushed tattoos but think of what adding colour can do for your sales. One way to add colour quickly and without the need for multiple airbrushes is by using shimmer colours. You simply brush on shimmer to the tattoo whilst the stencil is still on the skin. Shimmer colours are cosmetic grade pigmented mica powders. They are very fine and a little goes a long way. They come in a special sifter jar with a sprinkle lid. Just tip a little into the lid and use a small make up brush to apply to the skin. You can add more than one colour too. With a bit of practice you will learn how some colours go really well together. Showering will remove some of the shimmer but some does still last on the skin the next day. Shimmers are a very economical way of adding colour. The picture shows green, purple and blue shimmer over a black ink airbrushed tattoo.