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Advantages of adding shimmers to your Tattoos

Black is a very popular colour for airbrushed tattoos but think of what adding colour can do for your sales. One way to add colour quickly and without the need for multiple airbrushes is by using shimmer colours. You simply brush on shimmer to the tattoo whilst the stencil is still on the skin. Shimmer colours are cosmetic grade pigmented mica powders. They are very fine and a little goes a long way. They come in a special sifter jar with a sprinkle lid. Just tip a little into the lid and use a small make up brush to apply to the skin. You can add more than one colour too. With a bit of practice you will learn how...

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Caring for your Airbrush equipment.

If you maintain your airbrush, jars and compressor they will give you many years of reliable service. Most problems people have with their airbrush come down to how clean it is. This doesnt mean just the outside but more importantly the inside of the airbrush. If you have a single action airbrush this is very easy. A double action is a bit more pain staking but is still easily achievable. A thorough clean up should be done at the end of the day`s spraying when you get home. The single action is so simple you only have 3 parts to worry about. The air cap, the needle and the tip. The Paasche Model H is our most commonly recommended brush....

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Fionair Airbrush Tattoo Inks and stencils

After several months of re working our website we are pleased to be back on line. Many of our former customers have kept in touch over this period and we look forward to meeting many new people. We have received praise for our fantastic airbrush tattoo ink from customers all over the world. Its quality is second to one. Speaking of overseas customers we have formulated a way to extract the alcohol content from our ink so it can be safely shipped by air. This is an advantage when you consider the lighter weight of the product. All the client has to do is add isopropyl alcohol (99.9%) to the product and let it reconstitute the ink. This take only...

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