Caring for your Airbrush equipment.

If you maintain your airbrush, jars and compressor they will give you many years of reliable service.

Most problems people have with their airbrush come down to how clean it is. This doesnt mean just the outside but more importantly the inside of the airbrush.

If you have a single action airbrush this is very easy. A double action is a bit more pain staking but is still easily achievable.

A thorough clean up should be done at the end of the day`s spraying when you get home. The single action is so simple you only have 3 parts to worry about. The air cap, the needle and the tip.

The Paasche Model H is our most commonly recommended brush. To clean it just loosen the tip with the alan key. You dont need to remove it entirely, just loosen so the tip becomes loose. Now you unscrew the needle and remove it and the tip. You can put these in a container of alcohol such as isopropyl alcohol or methylated spirits. This is your solvent to melt off any ink. Dont use water because it wont do a thing.

You can clean the aircap while it is still on the airbrush using a cotton bud dipped in alcohol. To clean the needle and tip use special airbrush brushes or a pipe cleaner dipped in the alcohol. This will clean out ink that is still in the needle and tip. It is ok to leave the needle and tip submerged in the alcohol over night. Just clean and dry them before reassembling them.

The needle goes in the aircap hole first, then the tip is screwed into the needle. Now tighten the alan screw to keep every thing secure.

To clean your airbrush jar you can tip any ink back into the ink bottle. Soak the jar and lid assembly in alcohol and use a cleaning brush or pipe cleaner to clean inside the tube and lid assembly. Wipe the inside of the jar till it is clean.

Check that the breather hole in the jar is clear. If it isnt use a pin to clear it. If it isnt clear it wont syphon properly