Australian Airbrush “Fionair” Temporary Tattoo Ink FAQs

Is the tattoo ink safe?

Yes. The ink is made by a cosmetic chemist in Australia who has over 20 years of industry experience. There has never been a known case of allergic reaction but we recommend common sense be used when doing tattoos on anyone who does have a skin condition. If in doubt its best not to tattoo them. Please see our MSDS. Use care when tattooing around the face and avoid the eye area as irritation could occur if the product gets into the eyes or nose.


Is the tattoo ink "henna"?

No it is a different manufactured product which is alcohol based and has food dyes for the colouring. It is thin enough to airbrush. Henna is a plant based product which is in a thick paste form which is too thick to airbrush. Australian airbrush inks are definitely nothing like the harmful "black henna" which is used in some south east asian countries and has been known to cause severe reactions.


Is it hard to do airbrush temporary tattoos?

No. The airbrushes that come with our kits are very easy to operate and maintain plus we provide you with written instructions. You are welcome to contact us by email or phone with any questions you may have.


How long does it take to apply at temporary tattoo?

For the small designs probably less than a minute but the larger designs can take about 3-4 minutes.


How long does the tattoo last on the skin?

Depending on the person`s skin type and how well they look after the tattoo they can last between 2 – 7 days. They don’t last as long on oily skin and they can be affected by sun screen and moisturizers so its best to avoid these on the area. The customer can prolong the life of the tattoo by not scrubbing it in the shower and patting it dry afterwards. A sprinkling of baby powder will help keep it dry.


How do I maintain my airbrush equipment?

Cleaning your equipment such as airbrushes and colour jars is vitally important. This only has to be done at the end of the day, not after every tattoo. The airbrush comes with a parts diagram which shows you how to dismantle the airbrush to clean. With the single action airbrush there are only 3 parts to clean. You should use either isopropyl alcohol or methylated spirits to clean the ink on the airbrush parts. You use the alcohol to clean your airbrush jars and lid assemblies too. The Sparmax compressor is oilesss and the only maintenance is to drain the moisture trap at the end of the day for the Sparmax TC-501AR and to change the air intake filters at least once a year. With the Sparmax AC250 compressor you should drain the moisture trap at the end of the day and drain the storage tank whilst there is air in the tank. Also change the air intake filters at least once a year.


What sort of venues can I do temporary tattoos at?

Markets, fairs, festivals, fetes, fund raising events, night clubs, beauty salons, sporting presentations, parties, theatre and film productions.


What is my target market?

In a festival or fair environment the tattoos will appeal to all ages, in particularly children and teenagers but adults are also keen to have a tattoo for some fun. For the beauty industry the tattoo is usually applied for a special occasion. For fund raising and sporting events you may have a more specific age group. We have designs for all sorts of age groups and interests.


What is the ideal air pressure to apply tattoos?

For the single operator around 18-20 psi, for 2 people working from a larger compressor such as the Sparmax AC250 you can set the regulator at 25-30 psi. Dont set the air pressure too high because you will cause discomfort to the customer and waste a lot of ink unnecessarily.


Should I offer a lot of different colours and is it hard to change colours?

This is up to personal preference. There are 3 ways to approach colour: 

1.on the cheapest level you can just offer black ink (being the most popular colour) and apply coloured shimmers over the top while the stencil is still on the skin.

2. you can have different colours in the airbrush colour jars and change colour this way. (It can be slower because you need to flush out the previous colour to change to another one but it is possible).

3. Have a different airbrush for each colour. This involves extra cost but cuts down on time cleaning out the airbrush and does give your customers more choice which can make you a popular choice if there is more than one tattoo stall at the event.