Mega Airbrush Temporary Tattoo Kit

Mega Airbrush Temporary Tattoo Kit

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The Mega Kit

This is the ultimate kit for offering a powerful compressor and a wider range of designs.

2 x Paasche H2000 airbrush kits
1 x Sparmax AC250 compressor
6 x extra 1 oz jar and lid assemblies
2 x airbrush hangers
100 stencils (of customers choice)
2 x 125 mls ink plus 5 x 50 mls ink (customers choice)
2 x t shirts (printed airbrushed tattoos)

This kit is perfect for 2 people airbrushing at the same time. Good for larger events. The compressor has a storage tank and has 2 outlets for the airbrush hoses. We are happy to choose your stencils if you prefer.