Sparmax TC 520 A: Air Compressor

Sparmax TC 520 A: Air Compressor

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Twin Motor Sparmax Air Compressor with 2.5 litre holding tank. Comes complete with Regulator, moisture Trap, gauge and Dual Airbrush Outlet. 1 Hose included.

Auto-Stop: 40 PSI on/60 PSI Off

Airflow: 28 LPM      Low Noise Rating: 45 Db

Max Pressure: 60 PSI     Weight: 8.4 kgs

Size: L30.5 x W29 x H25 cms

I highly recommend this compressor for the professional who requires reliable, quiet and low maintenance operation. 2 people can use this compressor for temporary tattoos. It puts out enough pressure to paint t shirts and murals.